Beach Bar


Below Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf you will find Shellona, a beach club offering stylish open-air dining and specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, overlooking Shell Beach and the Caribbean.

Shellona offers a toes in the sand experience. Enjoy lunch with resident DJs or live bands or just call in for a drink towards the end of the day when the beach-club vibe turns into a lounge setting and enjoy a cocktail and perhaps a snack with the sunset. Perfect too for people-watching and spending lazy afternoons on a sun lounger.


Renowned chef Yiannias Kioroglou, who previously worked in Europe, has created a delicious menu of Mediterranean dishes, with seafood and grilled specialities being the focus. We love coming here for tuna tataki mezze, beef kalamakos, grilled lobster, calamari, mussels in white wine and the divine salad Niçoise. For those who prefer something simpler, try the burger or grilled chicken. If you have room for dessert, we recommend the Tarte au Citroen.

“Facing the Caribbean sea, where white sand and seashells merge, Shellona brings together a harmonious fusion of the qualities that give the Caribbean its ambiance and the Mediterranean its culture – qualities that are essentially culinary. The Shellona Greek restaurant blends authenticity and generosity while offering a living place far away from the established rules where the glasses are refilled in order to make the conversations go on and on…”

“The motto ‘Sharing is Caring’ is at the heart of our culinary experience.

From the sweetness of the Amalfi lemon trees to the wealth of the Cyclades, including the emblematic grilled and marinade food, the menu created by Executive Greek Chef Yiannis Kioroglou is healthy, tasty and generous. It will awaken your taste buds and make you feel like sharing with others – as everyone knows, to share is to love!”